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In 12 months I went from a complete novice at video, to video becoming a superpower. I'll show you how to cut 12 months off your learning process.

I made my first video in July of 2020. It took me over an hour, and it was... okay. But by the end I was dripping with sweat and hated the process.

Since then I've learned how to shoot great-looking content quickly and easily.

Here's the most recent video I made with the above set - It took 12 minutes to shoot before handing it off to my editor.

What am I buying?

This is a 14 part video series to walk you through the hardware, strategy, and head game that is making videos:

• Why Video is the Highest Leverage Skill You Can Learn (3:51)

• Develop a workflow to make video easy (4:12)

• Getting Started with Loom (8:10)

• Basic Editing (5:19)

• Intermediate Editing (9:38)

• Hardware - Audio (10:51)

• Hardware - Lighting (13:46)

• Hardware - Camera (10:09)

• How to co-exist with your video setup (4:34)

• Captions (3:08)

• Building a workflow with an editor (3:56)

• Advanced Recording/Zoom with OBS (8:35)

• Teleprompters (4:49)

• Framing your shots (10:27)

Free companion site

To go with the series I've built a companion site walking you through the following:

Every aspect of my current studio setup, from equipment to layout

The best setup you can buy for every budget - $100, $300, $500, $1k & $2k

The best camera equipment for every budget, from $0 to $1k

The best lighting equipment for every budget - from $0 to $500

The best audio equipment for every budget - from $0 to $500

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I'm a CPA by trade, and in 2020 launched a private community for accountants to offer no-code video training for the profession. It quickly grew to $5k MRR in the first six months, in no small part thanks to the video content I built for the community.

I originally developed this series to help my community with video, before releasing it outside the community. There are 3-4 references in the series to accounting or tax, but the premise of the series itself is to simply make better video. 

I am not a video pro by any means. I still make mistakes. At the stage when I shot this I was still working out how best to manage autofocus, but the learnings in this series are what would've taken 12 months off of my own learning process.

Refund policy

if you don't feel like the series improved your video, reply to your purchase email within 30 days and I'll refund your money no questions asked.

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A 14 part video series to level up your video production, and make it easy to hit record.

1 hour 41 minutes

Make Better Video

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